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I love living in Salem! I am passionate about many things, but I would say my main passions are photography (I could never get bored of looking at or taking pictures), writing ( my blogs give me a chance to play with my writing skills), and music; I just love music... it fuels my soul (and I am lucky my boyfriend is a talented Salem musician, so I get a live concert daily!) We were also in a music video together which was an AMAZING experience you can view it here: http://youtu.be/Pc2V_m9mnBc  or  http://vimeo.com/23670585
I have my masters degree in education, and I just love learning new things.  I also love changing my path in life to keep life exciting and full of adventure! I have two blogs that are my "babies"! One is about my right hip (how to deal with chronic pain and ongoing hip surgeries/ a true learning adventure), and then my much more upbeat blog about the facinating and fabulous people who live in Salem and the North Shore area as well as my own adventures in Salem. You can check out both at:  http://sj-sarahinthecity.blogspot.com/ and http://meandmyhipster-sj.blogspot.com/. I have drove across the country twice and have had many adventures in cool far off places, but I always like to come home to Salem! You can also find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-in-The-City/139427642735530 or mine and my friends photography page: SM Photography http://www.facebook.com/SMPhotography74
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