Nelson Dionne
I am a longtime collector of Salem's  "Industrial Era"( 1870 - 1970) history.  Among the items in my collection are; books, photos, postcards, stereo-views, catalogs, etc. I have massive amounts of material on / about Salem railroads, trolleys, Coast Guard Air Station , commercial & manufacturing ( inc. tanning & shoes ) retailing, people & groups. harbor related  marine activities, etc.  I am actively working on gathering rare material om the Great Salem Fire of 1914. I've been collecting   ( photos, postcards, reports, period magazine & newspaper articles,  etc. )  all manor of material about the fire for almost 40 years. 
See my latest book, "Salem in Stereo, Victorian Salem in 3-D"; a collection of 70 Salem stereo-views, spiral bound,with a viewer. Available from  the publisher, http://www.hardyhouse.us/home.htm   I also collect ash trays & coffee mugs from Salem businesses.
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