Jaden Oliver — Math, Science, Law Enthusiast

This weeks Whiz Kid is Jaden Oliver of the Collins Middle School; you name it, he's curious about it.

Whiz Kid: Jaden Oliver

Age: 12

Grade: 6th Grade at

Jaden Oliver is truly a student for all seasons. Math, science, law, track and field, an interest in how things work and community service are just a few of his interests.

He is the son of Christine Fisher and stepfather Calvin Edwards.

He excels at mathematics with an affinity for decimals and fractions. After demonstrating his skills Jaden said:

"I'm good at math, and I like it. My brain processes stuff quickly."

Science is also a favorite subject of his. It is in that class where he is studying plate tectonics and the geological history of Jamaica with his favorite teacher, Ms. Cahill.

"I am very good at debating in support of my ideas," he explained.

Competing in the 100-meter hurdles on the track team, he finds the mix of running and hurdling keeps his busy mind on track.

Jaden has an interest in law as a career. He feels that the problem-solving skills that have been sharpened by his math and science endeavors will serve him well.

He enjoys his time at the after-school program. The return of that program to Camp Naumkeag has him and all of the other campers very excited.

As Jaden plans for his summer, he looks forward to a few roller coaster rides where he will be sure to analyze the angles. The news of the new roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, N.H. has piqued his interest.  There will also be some time spent helping to clean up the High Street playground.

As a Brooklyn-born young man, he proudly stands his ground as a fan of the New York Yankees. He is also a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

If in the not so far future you see a young lawyer standing outside discussing tectonics, geology, the science of the roller coaster and the success of the Yankees, be sure to offer a friendly hello to Jaden Oliver.

jackie canada June 22, 2012 at 08:39 PM
J.J. (jaden) was my buddy in fourth grade im not suprised he is this smart now,he was so smart back then. ~From your 4th grade buddy jackwee if you dont remember me thats fine just remember May May corp ha ha! Oh and if you have a facebook J.J. it'd be nice to catch up add me "jackie likes gummybears" on facebook :)


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