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Join us for guided meditations to help you achieve a state of well-being, relaxation, and strengthen your connection to self.  Whether you find it difficult to attain a meditative state on your own, have trouble finding the time to sit and be, or simply need some support and guidance in attaining a peaceful state in which your mind, body, and spirit can relax and refresh...this time is for You!  We have found that group meditation strengthens and intensifies the meditation experience. 

Meditation is a holistic discipline by which the practitioner attempts to get beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

Meditation is a component of many religions, and has been practiced since antiquity. It is also practiced outside religious traditions. Different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual and non-spiritual goals; achieving a higher state of consciousness or enlightenment, developing and increasing compassion and loving kindness, achieving greater focus, creativity or self-awareness, or simply cultivating a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.

The Purpose of Meditation is to create focus.  It is about focusing your attention on your experience.  The reason for focus: it allows you to be here NOW!  Your only reality is THIS MOMENT, right here, right NOW!  Peace is found in such awareness.


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