Tisei Announces Leadership Team

The team has some pretty familiar faces.

As the 6th congressional district campaign moves forward, Congressional candidate Richard Tisei is bringing big names on board.

Team Tisei has announced a Leadership Team made up of former gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and State House Minority Leader Brad Jones.

Tisei ran as Baker's running mate in 2010. The duo lost that election to Gov. Deval Patrick, but Baker did win the majority of votes in the 6th congressional district.

“I chose Richard Tisei to be my running mate in 2010 because he had an outstanding reputation as an independent minded and effective legislator," Baker said. "That’s exactly the type of person  we need in Washington to break the logjam and move this country forward. Richard is a leader who knows how to work in good faith with others to begin solving the tremendous challenges facing our country.  I’m happy to be a part of his team and I firmly believe that he will win.”

Tisei and Tarr go way back. Tisei served in the state legislature for more than 25 years and served with Tarr from 1995 through 2010 before Tisei stepped down. Tisei served as minority leader in the Senate, a role Tarr took over after Tisei left.

“Few are more effective when it comes to being principled, but also reaching across the aisle to get important things done for the people,” Tarr said. “Richard is driven by his desire to serve the people and will provide the same type of independent-minded leadership that Scott Brown has in the U.S. Senate which has benefited our region and our state."

Tisei has been gaining momentum in the congressional race. He outraised incumbent Congressman John Tierney two quarters in a row and has gained national attention as a formidable candidate in the district.


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