Three Minutes on a Park Bench With: David W. Eppley

Salem's Ward 4 City Councillor David W. Eppley took a seat on our virtual Patch Park Bench.

Salem Ward 4 Councillor David Eppley.
Salem Ward 4 Councillor David Eppley.
You may know him as Salem's Ward 4 city councillor, but did you know he used to spin records at an AM radio station? 

Take a seat on our virtual Patch Park Bench and get to know David W. Eppley a little bit better.

Patch: What's your morning routine? 

David: If I am not otherwise going to court or another attorney's office for a meeting or deposition, I drive into Boston for work.  In the summertime, I LOVE taking the commuter ferry from Blaney Street into Boston. That is a phenomenal commute!

P: What do you do for a living? And what's the best thing about your job?

D: I am a family law and probate litigation attorney and mediator.  I like helping divorcing spouses find a path out of personal problems that leaves everyone with some dignity and independence and certainly leaves any children with the best possible parenting plan.  

P: What's the hardest?

D: Aside from the commute to Boston when not on Salem Ferry?  I would say the hardest part is keeping your client focused on the important stuff (i.e., kids and money) and away from the emotional stuff (i.e., "he-said, she-said").

P: How long have you lived in Salem? 

D: My husband and I moved from Cambridge to Salem in 2008.  We have never regretted it.  We have felt a part of the community since day 1.

P: What's your favorite thing about living here?

D: You live in the past, present, and future here in Salem.  All sorts of history, all kinds of prospects of positive development throughout the city, and phenomenal present eateries/watering holes and festivals, etc. Most importantly, the people. The people here are amazingly laid back and welcoming.

P: If you had to arrange a secret meeting here, where would you have it?

D: On this virtual park bench.  Aside from keeping client confidences, I really don't hide too much.  

P: Tell us something about yourself that most of your neighbors don't know.

D: In high school back in the stone age, I worked at a local AM station and spun records.  They actually had records then.  You may need to explain what these are to some of your readers.  Also, I tend to hide my snarkiness.

P: When you want a really indulgent snack here, where do you go and what do you get?

D: Lobster. Roll. @ Lobster. Shanty.  I hope to soon add "blueberry pancakes" at "Ugly Mug Café."

P: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

D: Take your job/position/family seriously.  Don't take yourself seriously.  I try to do this in my private, professional, and political lives.

P: What are you doing after this interview?

D: Getting back to work.


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