The CPA Fight Has Commenced

Round three is here and promises to be a brouhaha.


Let's start this week by saying two things.

Despite the vote by the City Council I have no problem with placing the fate of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) on the ballot for a second time.

It is my intention to vote against it.

This issue has created some passionate debate. Local message board warriors have jumped right into it. Some of these posters are kind enough to identify themselves while others choose to remain hidden behind their keyboards.

Some of the points being made against having the CPA on the ballot are certainly legitimate. 

 * How many bites at the apple are enough? The same question was defeated at the polls by a narrow margin in 2007 and the City Council chose to reject it themselves this year. 

* The claim the CPA is just a way to work around Proposition 2 1/2. 

Those in favor also make some good points.

* It would be nice to have additional funds to allocate to truly worthwhile projects. We could all list things in Salem that could use a little cash infusion. 

* We already pay the Deed recording fees levied by the Registry of Deeds, shouldn't we do what it takes to access them?

For me the issue comes down to the tax burden already being shouldered by those who work every day. Business and home owners already have an onerous task facing them. Mortgages, water and sewer fees and state and Federal taxes represent a few of the burdens. The argument that the additional cost "is just a cup of coffee a day" is weak and irritating

It has nothing to do with home ownership as opposed to renting a home. Renters would be just as affected by this as landlords. The cost would be passed on in the form of increased rental costs. 

The interesting aspect over the next two months will be seeing how well the opposition can organize. Seldom do those that yell the loudest actually represent the majority. Nattering on a message board is easy. There is work to be done on their part. Ranting on-line will not be enough.

Those in favor are organized and ready to conduct business. It is they who have selected the time and place for this fight.  

Let's see where it goes.

Edward September 10, 2012 at 11:40 PM
I still say the law is unconstitutional in two ways. (1) It does an end-run around Prop 2 1/2 and (2) it allows voters who do not directly pay property taxes (apartment renters) to vote on something that affects those who directly pay property taxes. I'm voting against it (again).
Chatsworth Osborne III September 10, 2012 at 11:54 PM
The quality of life in Salem has gone steadily down hill the past 4-5 years. More and more resources are being spent year after year to repair the same things in the Point. The Bridge Street project was a fiasco. Nothing has happened with the Sylvania site on Boston Street. The museum continues it voracious appetite for property in the downtown while the University does the same in Wards 5 and 7. Our parks are dumps with no instructors for the children in the summer. We have a commuter ferry boat that broke down and an operator who backed out. The municipal payroll and expenses has become bloated again. And now they want more taxes to give to their favorite developers. JUST SAY NO TO THE CPA TAX.
Deb September 11, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Couldn't have said it better. The mayor and powers that be have a year before the next election to address all this - but will they? Or will it just be more of the same? If indeed they do address it, will it just be token gestures? And then back to more of the same? Time to start thinking "track records".
Deb September 11, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Quality of life going down in Salem is becoming more of a recurring theme. I don't see the CPA improving that. If anything, it may make it worse. And once again, this administration is trying to wring more money out of us stones. We are TAPPED. The end run around our elected councilors was horrific, and city resources were used to do it. Remember in November. I surely will.
windpower September 11, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Leo Thanks for bringing this to the t v public . As you very well know you do have the voting public . At the council meeting that voted down the CPA a parade of city officials spoke in favor of CPA .What a sham . Now lets hear from the public . Sorry I can't watch live ,but will view it later .


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