State To Review Route 114: Should There Be Crosswalks? [POLL]

Mass Department of Transportation will be reviewing safety at Route 114 after a pedestrian was struck and killed last week.

After a while walking on Route 114 last week, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) will be conducting a study to observe the safety issues on the state roadway.

“The continue to investigate the crash Wednesday night on Route 114 in Danvers,” Michael Verseckes, MassDOT spokesman, said in a statement. “Once the investigation is complete, MassDOT will conduct a full safety review of this intersection to determine whether any safety improvements are necessary.”

Verseckes told the Boston Globe that MassDOT will review the timing of the road’s traffic signals, its sightlines and whether or not crosswalks would disrupt the flow of traffic.

Danvers Police Captain Patrick Ambrose told the Globe the five-lane state roadway was never meant to be "pedestrian friendly."

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 44-year-old Danvers resident Christopher Schlosser, was on Route 114 Westbound, in front of the .

In response to the fatal accident, Danvers Patch's Facebook page readers commented on the lack of crosswalks on the dangerous stretch.

Janet Blum Ibanez said, "I live on 114 and I see people trying to cross on a daily basis. I don't understand why there are no cross walks."

"Andover Street needs crosswalks every 1/2 mile," Matthew Swift added.

For some, the idea of a crosswalk on an already dangerous intersection would only encourage more pedestrians. 

Patricia Forrant Hale responded to Ibanez, "Because it is so busy a roadway. With 2 lanes in each direction. Why would someone be trying to cross?"

Take our poll and let us know if you think Route 114 should have crosswalks in the comments.

Sinical-one March 01, 2012 at 06:12 AM
How about a cross walk on route 95? Better yet route 128 needs one too
Jennifer Johnson March 01, 2012 at 12:55 PM
114 isn't comparable to 95 and 128. 114 is LOADED with stores and restaurants, 95 and 128 aren't. A road full of stores should be pedestrian friendly because people who don't have cars need to run errands, too. 95 and 128 are what you should be driving on when you aren't in need of any of the businesses on 114. Stop using 114 as a shortcut to these highways and it would be less of a problem for people to cross who do want to use these businesses.
David P McKenna March 01, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Obviously Routes 128 and I95 are different from 114 (and I believe pedestrians are PROHIBITED from both highways), but Rt 114 is hardly used as a SHORTCUT between said Highways: it is in fact the only east/west highway in the area. People take "shortcuts" through the neighborhood streets to AVOID Rt 114, due to the traffic and safety concerns. The only way to have SAFE crosswalks on 114, would be to have ALL traffic stop for a dedicated Pedestrian phase, which would back up traffic worse (as happens in Danvers Square), increasing driver frustration, leading to more vehicles running red lights and MORE danger to pedestrians. And MORE traffic spilling over into the neighborhoods as drivers circumvent the resulting gridlock. Pedestrian overpasses would be safe, though expensive, but would pedestrians walk a few hundred yards out of their way to use one, of continue to Jaywalk? There are no simple solutions. I speak as a former traffic commissioner (Selectman) and as a former member of a state task force that studied the Rt 1/114 corridor for almost 10 years. And Traffic has increased significantly since that time, though the Road is safer than it was before the installation of several traffic signals to slow down traffic and the center left turn lane.
Jennifer Johnson March 01, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Of course 114 is used as a shortcut. People use it all the time to avoid having to go south on 128 to go North on 95 and 93.
Buddy March 02, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Sinical-one if you mean cross walks for deer on route 95 than yeah.


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