Salem Harbor Power Station To Close

Expiration date on plant is June 1, 2014.

Dominion has officially announced its intent to close by 2014.

In a media release, officials from the Virginia-based company said units 1 and 2 will shut down by the end of 2011. Two additional units and the entire station will close by June 1, 2014.

Of the decision not to "seek to negotiate an agreement that could keep the station operating," David A. Christian, chief executive officer of Dominion Generation said:

"'This was a decision we had to make given the significant costs required to keep the station in compliance with pending environmental regulations and the falling margins for coal stations selling electricity in New England...Salem Harbor employees are dedicated professionals who will continue to operate the station safely as we move toward retirement in 2014.'"

Check back for more information on the news of the closure.


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