Moutlon Responds to Tisei's Announcement for Congress

Seth Moulton issued the following statement Wednesday after an announcement from Richard Tisei.

Seth Moulton.
Seth Moulton.

Seth Moulton, Iraq war veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ sixth Congressional District, released the following statement Wednesday with regard to Richard Tisei’s announcement for Congress:

“I welcome Ricahrd Tisei to the race. The people of the sixth district are ready for change and deserve a choice, but from his support for a full repeal of Obamacare to his out of touch position on immigration reform, it’s clear that Richard Tisei is just too extreme for the families of this district," Moulton said in a release. 

“Members of this community are eager for a new leader who will bring good paying jobs to the district, put the needs of hardworking families first and once and for all put a stop to the gridlock paralyzing progress," Moulton said. "It is going to take a new generation of leadership to bring this level of change to D.C., not another career politician. The fact is, Richard Tisei was elected to office when I was six years old."

“I will work hard to be the Democratic candidate for Congress and look forward to facing Richard Tisei in the general election next fall.” 


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