Hudak Leaves Congressional Race

Citing a busy schedule and personal issues, Hudak will not run for Congress in 2012.

Richard Tisei has one more reason to smile this week. Republican congressional candidate and conservative firebrand Bill Hudak has announced he is leaving the 2012 congressional race, saying he's simply too busy.

“A business opportunity has presented itself to me, which in addition to my active law practice will involve substantial amounts of my time and effort for the balance of the year,” Hudak said in a statement announcing his decision.

Hudak said he will instead set his sights on 2014 and added that "other personal factors" are involved in his decision. Although he did not elaborate on that, he said that those issues will be resolved by the end of this year.

“I need my supporters to know that I am humbled by the outpouring of support, offers to mobilize, donate, and do everything possible to insure that we win this race; and, we will, just two years later than anticipated," he said.

Hudak made a name for himself on the political stage in 2010 when, as the GOP nominee, he took on Congressman John Tierney.

And the thirst for political blood seemed to suit Hudak so much that he

With Tisei raking in and the GOP race to the general election would have likely been competitive. But don't look for Hudak to embrace his would-be Republican primary opponent.

"In fact, the prospect of not following through and forcing Richard Tisei to be honest with his true record and motivation for running was one of my most difficult struggles in coming to this decision," Hudak said. "I welcome the opportunity to debate the issues, and will again in 2014 if he is still involved, because my supporters know that little will change if he is elected."

Hudak then twisted the knife into his fellow Republican a little deeper on several hot-button political issues, perhaps giving a taste of what the 6th District could have expected in a primary race.

"In this district, people look to me as the only true conservative, standing tall for the unborn, the traditional family, and true fiscal responsibility, and against the 'bathroom bill,' and I will continue to fight for these issues by supporting those who the party establishment have abandoned."


gene January 23, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Maybe he couldn't prove that he was born in the USA


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