Fatima's Psychic Studio Granted Two-Year License Extension

The Salem Licensing Board has renewed Fatima's Psychic Studio's store fortune-telling license for two years.

Fatima's Psychic Studio, Salem.
Fatima's Psychic Studio, Salem.
After a stalled police investigation into allegations that a psychic at Fatima's Psychic Studio accepted $16,000 to remove a curse, the Salem Licensing Board approved a motion Monday night to grant the studio a two-year license extension.

Amid complaints from local officials and business owners, the board voted in October to reinstate the owner's store fortune-telling license through the end of the year while police looked into reports of psychics accepting cash to remove curses.  

Local attorney Bill Quinn appeared before the board on behalf of Fatima's owner Harry Mitchell Monday night and noted that the Henrietta, N.Y. man who reportedly paid $16,000 in return for a protective shield and "channel angels" was not responding to attempts to reach him.
Det. Sgt. James Page also noted that the alleged victim was not cooperating with local police and the case was considered closed.

Four other complaints were withdrawn by police in October when it was determined that the alleged violations occurred while the psychic studio was operating without a valid license.

Speaking out against the two-year license extension was City Councilor William Legault, who suggested that recent complaints were not just isolated incidents.

"This is not a new issue with this particular business," Legault said, adding, "not being aware of what your employees are doing really isn't an excuse."

Although board members said they understood Legault's point, they pointed out that there was no legal basis to not approve the extension and that "without a complainant there is no case." 

After issuing a stern warning that any further violations would result in the loss of his store fortune-telling license, board members approved Mitchell's request and granted fortune-telling sub-licenses to his wife, Fatima, and his daughter, Tammy.
Bill December 17, 2013 at 07:21 AM
Well of course, keep the tourist rip offs going. The top industry in Salem
peter crowley December 17, 2013 at 09:09 AM
Not for the first time, glad I voted for Legault


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