Elections: City Council and School Committee Results

Here's a look at how all the candidates stacked up Tuesday night.

Here's a rundown of how Salem voted by candidate.

Contested races for and the are listed first. Uncontested City Council races are listed below that.

Results are unofficial until they are certified by the City Clerk which will happen in 10 days.

The voter turnout came in at 21 percent.

An asterisk (*) indicates the candidate is an incumbent.

Contested City Council Races

Ward 3

Siegel defeats incumbent Pelletier.

Jean Pelletier* 350 Todd Siegel 507

Ward 5

Turiel defeats incumbent Ronan.

John Ronan*
Josh Turiel

Ward 6

Prevey maintains his seat.

Paul Prevey* 478 Kenneth Sawicki 205


Lovely, Sargent, Furey and Carr win the At-Large race. Incumbent Pinto is defeated.

Darek Barcikowski 1951 Kevin Carr 2029 Matthew Fraser 543 Thomas Furey* 2144 Joan Lovely* 3158 Steven Pinto* 1895 Matthew Richard 653 Teasie Riley-Goggin 1447 Arthur C. Sargent* 2174

Contested School Committee Race

Amaral, Bryant and Fleming win School Committee Race.

Deborah Amaral 2385 Nate Bryant* 2304 James Fleming* 2138 Lisa Lavoie 1783 Sean O'Brien 1659 Francis Vigeant 1322

Uncontested City Council Ward Races

Ward 1

Robert McCarthy* 517

Ward 2

Michael Sosnowski* 462

Ward 4

Jerry Ryan* 607

Ward 7

Jospeh O'Keefe* 510
Mike Blatty November 09, 2011 at 04:33 AM
Glad to see Siegel win in my ward. It's been a long wait. Like others posting here, sorry that Darek B. didn't make it onto the council this time around. Hope he will go for it again in a couple of years. Salem High is a rotten place to go to vote, especially after dark. Discourages voting. The senior center made much more sense. Thanks for keeping us posted here. Checked the Salem News earlier and found nothing.
B.K. DeLong November 09, 2011 at 04:44 AM
Hear, hear Becky. It's time for getting things done in the City and allowing for the new - not the de rigur of "we don't want that sort of thing here in Salem". You can bet that those who didn't get elected and their supporters (especially the younger generation) will be watching the incumbents who kept their seats a lot closer to see if they keep to the old hardline or start making changes that embrace new ideas that help the younger families, workers and businesses in their City.
Jared Robinson November 09, 2011 at 04:49 AM
Glad to see both obstructionists out. I certainly don't want "yes men" but what Pinto and Ronan did to the Mayor this year is so far wrong that it can't ever be forgiven... The first thing on the table should be removing that charter of obstructionism. All should be allowed to talk.
Darek Barcikowski November 09, 2011 at 10:37 PM
Will be back for a definite victory in 2 years and definitely not falling off the radar in the mean time! Thanks for the support.
john November 09, 2011 at 11:21 PM
We have to have limits on talking at council meetings. Anyone can speak if you sign up before the meeting and then you are allowed to speak once. Council meetings can't go on forever there is too much business to be done.At every meeting they reach a point where they ask about the mayors information page and every meeting there is nothing on it.She is not a member of the city council.I don't want her in there interfering with those that have been elected as coucilors.


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