Don't Get Towed: Monday Street Sweeping List in Salem

If you're parked on one of these streets - you'll want to move your car.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

The streets listed below will be swept on Monday, May 12th. Street sweepers will be in your neighborhood from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

During that time period a No Parking Tow Zone area will be in effect. Temporary orange tow zones will be posted throughout your neighborhood and all cars must be removed from both sides of the street so that sweeping can take place.

Please remember to move your car off the street so it will not be towed.

Residents may park their vehicles on the portion of Lafayette Street between Dow Street and Loring Avenue* (*keeping in mind that all posted restrictions and metered rates do apply).


  • Atlantic St.
  • Broadway
  • Cabot St.
  • Canal St.
  • Cedar St.
  • Cedar St. Ct.
  • Charles St.
  • Cherry St.
  • Clover St.
  • Cypress St.
  • Day Ave.
  • Fairfield St.
  • Fairview Ave.
  • Forest Ave.
  • Gardner St.
  • Geneva St.
  • Hancock St.
  • Hazel St.
  • Hersey St.
  • Holly St.
  • Kimball Rd.
  • Laurel St.
  • Lily St.
  • Linden St. (Loring Ave. #4-73)
  • Lussier St.
  • Lyme St.
  • Meadow St. (Ocean Ave. #47-end)
  • Pacific St.
  • Piedmont St.
  • Rainbow Ter.
  • Raymond Ave.
  • Raymond Rd.
  • Raymond Ter.
  • Rose St.
  • Roslyn St.
  • Roslyn St.Ct.
  • St. Paul St.
  • Tulip St.
  • Wisteria St.


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