CPA Will Be on Nov. 6 Ballot

Mayor announces success of five-day campaign after City Council voted against act last month.

An effort to put the Community Preservation Act on the Nov. 6 ballot has been successful, according to Mayor Kimberley Driscoll.

The Act, which would permit a property tax surcharge that could be used by the city for open space and other projects, according to the Salem News, was voted down last month by the City Council.

"This initiative was affirmatively voted on by the City Council in 2007, however it was ultimately rejected by the voters at the ballot box,"

In an effort to get the CPA issue on the November ballot, the Mayor and some residents started a five-day campaign to get at least 1,350 signatures (the required number), according to the Mayor's Facebook Page.

On Twitter Tuesday, Driscoll announced the effort to get the issue on the ballot was successful and invited supports to toast to the accomplishment: "CPA ballot bound in Salem as 1601 signatures certified today by City Clerk! Come celebrate this amazing 5 day feat on Fri-9/7, 6pm ," she tweeted.

On her Facebook, page Driscoll said she was "glad voters will have a chance to weigh in directly on this worthwhile tool to improve our community."

The issue was not without controversy. On the issue of the surcharge, Prevey "when you add it to every other increase, it becomes a crushing financial burden for so many people. The cumulative effect is truly a death by a thousand paper cuts; some people have the blood to withstand it, while others are quickly being bled dry."

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Brian October 15, 2012 at 03:21 PM
windpower October 15, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Antoine ; Why is it the the pro CPA people ALWAYS forget the low income part .?
Antoine M. Boisvert October 17, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Well actually, Windpower, if you look further up the page you will see that I have not forgotten it. Actually I am in favor of it. Since actually getting rid of poverty is probably an unrealistic goal, poor people need to be able to live somewhere. A lot of people here seem to be thinking, regarding low income housing: "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?" Or isn't there a nearby city or town they could go to where everyone is poor? I guess I would expect that kind of attitude from the residents of some nearby suburbs; but seeing it from fellow Salem residents is disappointing.
Carolyn Costain November 13, 2012 at 03:55 PM
When a person brought the petition for this issue to my door, I specifically asked if it would cost the taxpayers more money , I was told a flat out "NO!" when I asked for the guy to explain it to me? He said he did not have time because he needed a lot of people to sign that day. I said "If you don't have time to explain it, than I don't have the time to sign it!" I didn't sign it but I believe a lot of people did sign it that day and that, "like I was told", it would not cost the taxpayers of this city, which was a bold face "lie" to get people to sign it. I think they should call every person on that petition and ask again if they knew it would cost the home owners through a property tax surcharge, would they have signed it at all? I believe people were mislead to sign that petition as I almost was with a bold face lie!
Carolyn Costain November 13, 2012 at 04:14 PM
The preservation and land use and open space in this city already has boards in place Its called the "historical commission and the planning board and the conservation commission! Its their job and what they are being paid for! Why do we need to burden tax payers to pay for another committee when we have 3 already? This is just another excuse to take money from the people to use not just for this issue but as they say "Other projects? " This city borrows from Peter to pay Paul for prior funded projects they spent the money on elsewhere! now they want to rob Paul and Peter to make up for their misuse of designated funds. This is a sneaky way to raise the taxes after our President swore that our property taxes would stay the same. "I think I will write a letter along with this issue and a Salem petition of my own and send it to Washington." Salem needs to utilizes the boards already in place to deal with the preservation issue! It's been their job all along to do this!


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