Thieves Steal Bunny from Leslie's Retreat

Owners of the restaurant are working to bring their lionhead bunny home.

One of the bunnies has been stolen, and her owners are working to bring her home.

Mary Woodcock, a part of the Leslie's Retreat family, , was stolen from her hutch in the patio area behind the restaurant sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

said "the cage that the bunny was in was visibly damaged."

"Thieves broke into her hutch…and hopped right out of the backyard of Leslie's, avoiding the outside security cameras," Woodcock wrote in an email to Salem Patch Tuesday night. 

Woodcock and the Salem Police said there was also an attempt to steal Lucky, a second bunny that resides behind the restaurant in a separate hutch. 

The family thinks "Lucky would have also been stolen had it not been for the fact it is very difficult to reach the far corner of his hutch," Woodcock explained. 

The family is working to get the word out about their missing rabbit in the hope someone will return her to the hutch. 

Woodcock said her mother, Leslie's Retreat owner Claire Chalifour, "is having a large sign made to set up on North Street stating: 'Bring Our Bunny Back!'  Claire is hoping within the next few days, Tasha will just reappear back in her hutch," Woodcock explained. 

"I don't want to prosecute the perpetrator, I just want my bunny back, no questions asked," Chalifour said. "I worry that she isn't being cared for the way she should be."

The family has had Tasha for two years and she was a gift to Chalifour from her granddaughter, Tess Cluckey.

"Tasha was starting to develop the beautiful ruff of fur under her neck that lionhead rabbits are known for," Woodcock explained. 

Woodcock said "Tasha appeared outwardly timid to most guests who would visit her hutch, but she enthusiastically would approach Claire's outstretched hand for the daily treats of fresh fruits and vegetables." 

"Tasha is such a lovely little girl," Chalifour said. "I hope whoever stole her has a change of heart and returns her."   

The family is asking anyone with information on Tasha's whereabouts to stop by the restaurant at 96 North St.

You may also email Editor Aubry Bracco if you have any information. 

For more on the Leslie's Retreat rabbits, which we profiled earlier this month, . 

Check out photos of Tasha and the broken hutch attached to this article. 


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