Teen Charged With Selling Marijuana to Salem Cop

A Marblehead teen was arrested Monday morning for allegedly selling marijuana to an undercover Salem police officer near Marblehead Veterans Middle School.

A Marblehead teen accused of selling marijuana to an undercover Salem cop near Veterans Middle School denied drug charges in court Monday afternoon.

Nathaniel Mattson, 19, of 191 Pleasant St., Marblehead, pleaded not guilty Monday in Lynn District Court to a charge of possessing a class D substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute and committing a drug violation in a school zone.

On Dec. 10, Marblehead police Sgt. Sean Sweeney and Sgt. Sean Brady, along with the help of a member of the Salem Police Department, made arrangements to make a marijuana purchase on Vine Street.

Mattson reportedly sold marijuana to the same undercover officer on Nov. 30 in an alley behind Village Plaza.

After selling the Salem police officer $50 worth of marijuana in exchange for five marked $10 bills, Mattson was located back at his apartment and placed under arrest.

After obtaining a search warrant, an undisclosed amount of marijuana, a digital scale and clear plastic baggies were located inside of Mattson's apartment, according to court documents.

Mattson faces the additional charge of committing a drug violation in a school zone because Vine Street runs adjacent to Marblehead Veterans Middle School.

A confession signed by Mattson was included in the court documents.

Judge James Lamothe released Mattson on his own recognizance and scheduled him to return to court on Feb. 6.

Leonard Nicodemo December 13, 2012 at 02:35 PM
What a joke. A sting operation to bust a kid selling baggies of pot? I'm embarrassed to even be reading this.
hippy December 13, 2012 at 03:38 PM
They need to bust kids...all there dealer St thugs are in on it with them.....why do you think Palmer seems always to go untouched


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