Salem Harbor Power Station — by the Numbers

Not familiar with the power plant? Here are some basic facts.

Here's a look at by the numbers.


Salem Harbor Power Station Opening Date: 1951

Dominion Assumes Control: February 2005

Closing Date Deadline: June 1, 2014

Current Taxes to City: $4.75 million — $3 million in taxes + $1.75 million in pilot host fees

Number of Employees: 143

Site Acreage: 65

Number of Units: 4

Total Plant Energy Generation: 745 Megawatts (MW)

Unit 1 (Coal-Fired) Energy: 82 MW

Unit 2 (Coal-Fired) Energy: 80 MW

Unit 3 (Coal-Fired): 150 MW

Unit 4: (Oil-Fired): 433 MW

Information courtesy of Dominion.


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