Salem Firefighters Commended for Heroism [VIDEO]

Salem Fire Chief David Cody recognized the efforts of three local firefighters at Thursday's City Council meeting.

Three Salem firefighters who were recently awarded Medals of Valor for their actions during an unthinkable fire on Pope Street last year received a standing ovation at Thursday night's City Council meeting.

Prior to the ovation, Salem Fire Chief David Cody spoke briefly about the situation that Lt. Richard Arno and firefighters Randy Theriault and Michael O’ Donnell found themselves in on March 18, 2012 - and how their quick thinking may have saved the lives of two children.

"What made this incident significant was the fact that the mother of the children inflicted life-threatening injuries and left them on their own," Cody said. "She also disabled the sprinkler system inside the apartment and disabled the door knob in an attempt to make exit by her son and Lt. Arno impossible."

Check the video attached to this story for Cody's introduction of the three firefighters Thursday night.


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