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Marblehead Man Sentenced for Rape and Semi-Nude Facebook Photos

The man was sentenced to state prison.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

A Marblehead man pleaded guilty Tuesday in Salem Superior Court to rape and indecent assault and battery charges after he posted nude photographs of the victim on Facebook.  

He also pleaded guilty to identity theft and photographing an unsuspecting person in the nude.

Salem Superior Court Judge Howard Whitehead sentenced Reid Jones, 44, to 5 – 7 years in state prison, stated Carrie Kimball Monahan, spokeswoman for the office of Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

Jones was also sentenced to 5 years of probation during which he must register as a sex offender, seek substance abuse and sex offender treatment, wear a GPS monitoring bracelet and have no contact with the victim, the spokeswoman said.

Had the case gone to trial, Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall would have introduced evidence that would have proven that the defendant sexually assaulted the victim while she was unconscious and partially nude, photographed those acts and posted them to a fake Facebook page he created in her name, the spokeswoman said.  

After the victim had stopped socializing with the defendant, she was alerted to the fraudulent Facebook page containing the photographs, the spokeswoman said.  

After she reported that to the police, a forensic examination of the defendant’s computer revealed additional photographs depicting a rape, the spokeswoman said.

“This crime is particularly horrifying as the victim was sexually assaulted and was then further violated by the posting of the photographs,” ADA MacDougall said.  “The impact of this crime will have a lingering effect on this victim since there is no way to ensure that the photographs are fully removed from the Internet.”

“The shame associated with a sexual assault is painful enough without the additional burden of having photographs of the assault posted on Facebook,” District Attorney Blodgett said.  “It took great courage for this victim to come forward and to see this case through.”

Jones was represented by Attorney William Korman and was taken into custody at the conclusion of the hearing.

Letty C December 11, 2013 at 02:14 PM
I think that taking away only 5-7 years of REID JONES's freedom is hardly punishment enough. We need to update sentencing laws which involve internet violations of privacy. The victim can never be certain that those images are gone, as stated in the article. She has a lot l longer than 5-7 years to get her life back. Then the sex offender is on probation... all the GPS tracking, mandatory counseling, and meetings for a crime with the highest recidivism rate may never compensate what this woman for what she has been through. Also, in regard to compensation, will the victim be compensated for the counseling she may need for the same number of years that the tax payers have to pay to support REID JONES in prison and beyond? I am so proud of this woman for having the courage, strength, and willingness to come forward and face her attacker. Godspeed woman! I hope for you peace, love, support, and recovery.
Letty C December 11, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Please forgive the typos... technical difficulties.
Steve December 11, 2013 at 02:33 PM
When a man is given his life to ponder under the concrete arm of the law, most people shelf their horror about the crime and make cake for the arival of justice. I too think there are not enough rules and people in place to keep websites safe.
Keep Salem Trashy! December 12, 2013 at 05:34 PM
should have been AT LEAST 15. 5??? seriously? i hope he gets raped
Aileen Dodge December 14, 2013 at 01:18 PM
When all is said and done in life this man has his fate to meet. Karma can be a real bitch to face when it comes to the reality of living!!!! And this man will face his as it is dealt out through the rest of his life. For the female victim we can all wish that she will be made stronger and recover from this horrific event in her life. That she will be able to move on and possibly find a positive to focus on that will encourage her recovery. She already has taken the greatest step any victim of a sexual crime can take and that is facing the human animal that victimize her. Standing up and not allowing herself to remain a victim. This woman is already made stronger. And hopefully if there are other victims of rape or other sexual crimes out there that read this or hear about this will gain courage and strength from what this woman has done and they will come forward to report and face the criminal that victimized them!!! I do believe that for every powerful wrong that happens there is always a much more powerful right that will follow.


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