Man's Foot 'Tingles' After Resident vs. Plow Incident

Police said the incident happened Tuesday afternoon.

A City man said his foot “tingled” after he alleged it was run over by a three-ton snow plow carrying two tons of salt Tuesday afternoon.

Police said they responded to Cousins Street at 4:08 p.m. Tuesday after officials received a call that a plow had possibly struck a pedestrian.

The responding officer said he spoke to the party who said he had been struck by a City snowplow. Police said the man informed them he was shoveling in front of his home “when a plow came by and plowed snow across his driveway. “

The man told the officer he yelled at the driver to stop and roll down the window so he could speak with him, but the plow driver refused. The man stated he took his shovel “and struck the plywood enclosure on top of the plow and the plow began to drive away, running over his foot.”

When police told the man to sit to take pressure off his foot, he refused. When the officer asked if the man’s foot hurt, the man “stated that it tingled,” the officer reported.

 The plow driver told police the resident threw snow at his window as he approached the residence. The driver said the male does this every storm. According to the driver, the man ran into the street and began striking the plow.

As he was driving away, the driver told police he heard the man scream and “saw him fall into a snow bank screaming that he had been struck,” the officer said.

When asked, the driver told police his truck weighs approximately three tons and was carrying two tons of salt.

Officers reported the man “showed no signs of pain or injury” and was not limping or favoring his foot.

When and Atlantic ambulance arrived, the man refused to sit down for an examination, but said he wanted to go to the hospital.

A witness behind the plow driver confirmed the driver’s story, police said. The witness told police when the truck pulled away, there were 6 to 7 inches between the resident’s foot and the tire.

No citations were issued, no damage was observed on the truck and the resident was transported to Salem Hospital for his injuries.


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