What is the Barge in Collins Cove?

Barge is left of PowerPlant
Barge is left of PowerPlant
I've Lived here On Collins St for 21 Years and Never in my Life have I seen a Barge In the water.. I'm very Curious of what they are doing? If you have ever been to the Beach here then you know how the mud is for those of you who don't.. It's nothing like the sand or mud you would find at Nahant beach or GoodHarbor beach in Gloucester or Any other Nice Beach... imagine Thick black swamp tar mud.. It's Disgusting.. Anyways maybe they are getting Samples from the mud or running some kind of tests..? Tell me what you know or think they might be doing! Here are Some Pictures!
KlassySalem January 10, 2014 at 10:58 AM
Is that the same one that used to be in the North River near the bypass road?


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