Miami-Dade, FL dogs arriving in Salem, MA

Titan the dog is ready for adoption at Northeast Animal Shelter
Titan the dog is ready for adoption at Northeast Animal Shelter
Northeast Animal Shelter is proud to be part of this amazing event! 25 dogs from Dogs On The Move will be arriving on Thurs. 11/14 and will be ready for adoption Saturday 11/16!
(MIAMI – Fla) – Epic Travel Day for Homeless Dogs of Miami!

On November 13th, 2013, two hundred and one lucky dogs will leave Miami bound for rescues and no-kill shelters throughout the country. This unprecedented event marks both the 2 year anniversary and 100th transport of the innovative transport program, DOGS ON THE MOVE.

How we arrived at the magic number...
2 years x 100 transports = 200 dogs + 1 more dog for good luck, the proverbial candle on the cake. 

Bonnie Plafke, Director of Operations, decided that this momentous occasion warranted something BIG and when asked why she chose this huge amount of dogs to exit she replied "Well...GO BIG or GO HOME but in our case it's GO BIG AND GO HOME. All these homeless dogs will finally GO HOME." 

This is a massive undertaking and the planning has been two months underway both for MDOTM (Miami Dogs on the Move) and MDAS (Miami-Dade Animal Services).  MDAS takes in over 30,000 unwanted pets per year and serves as the only public shelter for all of Miami-Dade County.  As such, they are forced to euthanize pets for space when the shelter becomes over-crowded.  MDAS partnered with DOGS ON THE MOVE two years ago to create an innovative private/public partnership to transport animals and save more lives.


It was an idea that sprang to life on a park bench and has changed the lives of thousands of pets.  Please join us in marking this wonderful occasion.  We will have 8 vans rolling out of Miami Dade Animal Services the morning of November 13th.  Press events with the accepting rescues and shelters are also possible in the various parts of the country welcoming these dogs, such as New Hamsphire, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts and Iowa.

See our website at www.dogsonthemove.org or visit us on facebook at Dogs On the Move by Pawsitive4Life.

George Dobson November 12, 2013 at 01:11 PM
For anyone looking to adopt a dog I highly recommend looking at other local shelters that have been taking in all the local dogs Northeast Animal shelter refuses to take in. They actually take in local dogs in need instead of ordering truck loads of puppies from out of state and selling them for $450.
Harry Barker November 12, 2013 at 08:25 PM
Why do shelters from all over the country take in homeless dogs from Miami? Shouldn't Miami shelters deal with their own homeless dogs? Do local shelters take care of homeless dogs from our city? What about other cities; don't they also have homeless dogs? I don't get the need or benefit from this. Why does Miami have more homeless dogs and therefore a need for assistance from the rest of the country?
Amber Blue November 12, 2013 at 08:29 PM
I agree, I knew of an instance where North Shore Shelter would not take a local dog that needed a new home but yet they were taking dogs from Puerto Rico....makes no sense to me.
Harry Barker November 12, 2013 at 08:32 PM
George Dobson, if your comment is true then this whole importing of other cities' homeless dogs by Northeast Animal Shelter and their refusal to take in local dogs is ridiculous. I am now questioning my annual donation to Northeast Animal Shelter. Why should I help solve Miami's shelter problem. They need to take that responsibility.
Amber Blue November 12, 2013 at 08:46 PM
Above, I meant to say Northeast Shelter, it was true of the instance I experienced. The northeast shelter would not take a young one year old full breed pup from a family that could not take care of him any longer, but yet were bragging about all the dogs from puerto rico they had taken in. It was a while ago, but made no sense. I am sure many others have had same experience.
Steve November 12, 2013 at 09:53 PM
Dogs are cute.
Deb November 14, 2013 at 01:12 PM
Comments here jogged some memories of tales related to me by friends. One quit volunteering at NEAS b/c she said some of the staff was so unpleasant. One was advised by someone of the same when she discussed volunteering there. Also, my neighbor was denied a cat – a cat! – b/c she works! She said they were quite rude, too, which is showing up as a common thread in many online reviews. (I decided to dig in and see what’s what online.) “Jane” and “a short woman with brown hair” seem to be relevant. I’m also aware of their policy of shipping in loads of dogs from elsewhere. I have heard (and seen online) that surrendering local animals is nigh impossible, but have heard from others that it can be done if one pays a fee. So – the good news is that they rescue and are no kill. I also read that the facility is clean and that the animals are well cared for. The bad is that local animals apparently may have to go elsewhere; that the staff is rude and condescending; that potential adopters 1) practically have to relinquish their first born to get a pet, and 2) must practically swear that they’ll adopt an animal of interest before they’re even allowed to visit with it and get a feel for whether it would be a good match. And the online reviews, oh, my word! There are more positive than negative, but the negative ones (there are many) are really, really awful. Two said that they were actually called liars. There should be a LOT fewer bad reviews, percentage wise, IMHO. Thus, I guess I’ll send my annual NEAS donation to other rescues going forward. So it goes. There’s no excuse for the negative things I saw online. Regardless of what your nonprofit mission is, there shouldn’t be such nastiness going on, and in animal rescue in particular. There’s just no excuse. PS I went back and forth about posting this, but maybe it will do some good.


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