not reported by the salem news or in the police blog due to negative influence on tourism. their was a medical crisis in the high drug use area of "people's park" on laffayette street
Drew Mann May 05, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Most of the really bad stuff that happens in Salem and Marblehead never makes the paper or the patch. Both police dept's tend to change frequencies on their scanners when something truly bad is happening. We call that area "homeless park." You can usually point out the cities registered sex offenders sitting on benches there daily. I do belive the Salem PD are doing their hardest to keep the city safe, the point alone keeps them very busy.
Aileen Dodge May 09, 2014 at 11:02 AM
Ok Here is a definite difference in how the police respond to what they judge to be an actual crime or not! If a person is found dead by another individual and that individual calls it in. The police respond. Depending on where the person is found who the person is and the persons history the police will determine right then and there if in fact the death is a crime or not. The legal state protocol for an unattended, unexpected death is stated to be handled as a crime scene until the medical examiner( on site) or State Police investigator (on site) with the ME's report states the death is of a non suspicious nature and in fact is a death of natural causes or an accidental overdose or is a death suspicious in nature, a possible poisoning or murder. Now this is protocol is very seldom followed. Because what happens is the local PD responds they recognize the person that is dead as someone they have arrested for previous drug possession and automatically this person's death is classified as an overdose. No investigation is ever done. The State Police are notified and they might show up. Chances are through they will tell the local PD to take pictures to have on file and they will take the Police report and those pictures and make it their investigative report of this person unexpected death and the case will be closed. Now if the person is a person of social standing and a family member finds them the police will call the State police at the DA's Office and they will come to the scene. The crime lab will come too. An actual investigation will be done. The results will be the same but time and money will have been spent on this persons unattended death. Now say a person is found dead and the person has been poisoned, given a lethal injection or dose of an illegal drug in a drink or food they have consumed. They have in fact been murdered!! But the police show up and they see this person and they associate this person with previous drug dealings. So they automatically assume this is JUST ANOTHER DRUG OVERDOSE! And the State police agree and close the case as such. But the family of this person knows it is not true. That this person never used drugs so they question the investigation. Do you know what comes of cases like that? NOTHING!!!! The DA Covers for all of his State Police Investigators especially when they are covering for a murder that has been given immunity in another case for their testimony to convict! Even when that person given the immunity is a serial killer!! Haven used her take home methadone to kill at least 2 other unsuspecting individuals who have also been declared by the State Police to be Just another drug overdose fatality!!! What a GREAT WAY to commit the perfect murder with the protection of District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett and his First Assistant ADA Dawley. And that is how justice is handed out in the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts. If you have enough money to afford justice you just might get it! If you don't then to bad. If you make waves you better watch it because if there comes an opportunity for the DA to shut you up. He will make sure his State Police Investigators are all over that investigation and in the end YOU WILL SHUT UP!!! OR LOSE EVERYONE in your life you have ever cared about!!


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