LETTER: Jim Lyons Thanks Voters

This letter is from State Rep. Jim Lyons, who recently won his reelection bid.

As election day has come and gone, I write to thank you, the voters and citizens. During my door-to-door campaign, I was warmly welcomed into the homes and neighborhoods of Andover, Tewksbury, Boxford, and North Andover throughout the last six months. I deeply appreciate your kind greetings and helpful comments while visiting your communities.  

I worked to campaign with the civility and decency that is worthy of you, the voter. I am proud that the Lyons campaign focused squarely on the issues: increasing Local Aid, rolling back the 25% Sales Tax hike, ending rampant political patronage among Beacon Hill insiders, advocating openness and transparency in state government, stopping the waste of tax dollars in the EBT card scandal, ending bailouts of Lawrence City Hall, exposing hidden taxpayer subsidies for illegal aliens' health insurance premiums, reforming and streamlining the bureaucracy, promoting economic growth and job creation, standing up for working families, taxpayers, and small business owners.   

These are some of the issues that we talked about in the neighborhoods of the 18th Essex District.   In the sweltering heat of the summer, when it is not always easy to walk door-to-door (nor is it always easy for neighbors to greet us cheerfully - but you did!), a friend started referring to our campaign as the High Road campaign. And that phrase caught on among our friends and supporters. The High Road represents our positive message that speaks to our values, the values of the Merrimack Valley.   I make you this promise. Now that you are sending me to serve a second term as your Representative, I pledge to carry those values - the High Road values of our Merrimack Valley - to the legislature.  

I am acutely aware that no one in elected office is owed anything by the voters. I have worked hard to serve you and this District during the past two years. I trust that I have earned your respect; I am grateful that I have also earned your support.   Thank you for your kind consideration. And thank you for the privilege of serving as your Representative.

  Jim Lyons


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