Great Videography Alternative!

Streamography - Live wedding streaming and videography services of Peabody!
Streamography - Live wedding streaming and videography services of Peabody!

Let’s face it wedding planning is time consuming and expensive. One of the more important questions you start thinking about when planning your wedding is, how will I capture this special day and be able to look back on it for years to come?

Many brides and grooms immediately gravitate towards photographs to capture their special day. It seems like fewer couples are using videography as it can be very expensive.  And when you think about it who actually views your wedding video other than you and your spouse? So it makes sense that more couples are opting out of traditional wedding videography.

But what if you have family, friends, elders and loved ones who cannot attend the wedding? Maybe you have cousins on the opposite coast, family outside of the country or even grandparents who are local but unable to attend the event.  How can you capture your special day and involve and connect your loved ones who are unable to attend, without emptying your bank account?

The answer, Streamography.                         

Streamography is the art of live video streamed to any internet enabled device to anyone, anywhere in the world.  This is videography for the twenty first century!

With Streamography’s unique and affordable services you have the ability to capture your special day and look back at a beautifully edited and crafted video while also providing a live feed of your ceremony to loved ones unable to attend the wedding.  You and your guests also have the ability to look back at the live video feed for years to come!


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