Driving around town

Dear Mayor,

Did you know that it is exactly 0.60 miles from "The Tavern in The Square" to "In a Pig's Eye" and that in that distance, there are no less than 17 crosswalks!  Some with lights and others without.

I understand that this is a pedestrian-friendly city.  However, when adults and children alike cross the street at an intersection without any regard for the green light for the motorists, there is a problem.  This is happening way to often!

It is hard enough getting through town as it is, let alone when people just blatenly run out in front of cars.

It truly amazes me that someone has yet to be run over!

Please address this! 
Linda McGrath September 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM
I think part of the problem is that people don't know what to do. I moved to Salem a year ago and asked people how to cross the street properly. In N.Y. It was simply red or green light. Here I would see the white cross walk and think it was okay to cross, that the drivers would slow down, and didn't realize that it was only a crosswalk without a light where I could do that. At times I wait for the light to change, after pressing the little button which may or may not work, and cars will slow and wave me across the street against the light. Sometimes the buzzer or annoying bird sounds telling me I can walk but cars will still make a right turn even though the light is red. I just use my broomstick and fly now, much safer.


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