Custom Wedding Websites

Custom wedding websites by Streamography can keep yourself, family and friends all up to date and organized!
Custom wedding websites by Streamography can keep yourself, family and friends all up to date and organized!

The new trend on the wedding scene are websites built and dedicated specifically for the bride and groom. Pretty cool right?  

But how many guests are actually typing that long URL they get inside the invitation and visiting a page that probably cost you $500 bucks?

Who knows!?

I don’t know about you but I like convenience and although it’s nice to have all the information I need about a wedding online and in one place it’s not convenient to have to type in a web address in order to get there. In fact, I probably won’t even look at the website if I have to do that, call me lazy but I have a feeling a lot of guests are on the same page.

So how can you utilize the power of your own personal wedding hub while also ensuring guests are checking out the site for answers to their questions, rather than calling you the day before the wedding for directions? …

By providing guests a link to your wedding site directly via their email is how. This can be done via Streamography’s awesome and affordable E-vites, electronic wedding invitations. ( I go into more detail about this in my last blog). Offering an electronic wedding invitation via email and embedding a direct link to your wedding site gives guests the convenience factor they are looking for and makes the best use of your money!  

Now guests have no excuse not to visit your page and no excuse to be texting or calling you with questions! It’s all right at their fingertips.

Streamography’s website designs are created to be unique for your wedding and your style. The site not only offers important information like directions to the venue, overnight accommodations, a link to your wedding registry, but also adds fun aspects such as a photo book of the couple, a wedding countdown clock, and a blurb on how you met or anything else you might want your guests to know.

So stop throwing money towards websites that guests are most likely not even using and check out Streamography’s innovative and effective wedding website services!


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