My name is Deborah.  I live at Bronx, New York.  I found this kitten outside Tuesday January 21, 2014 at 12:20am.  When I found the kitten it was cold, hungry, and a lone.  I brought the kitten in and feed it.  I gave the kitten shelter in my hall way but can't keep it.  The kitten is very friendly and sweet.  The kitten need love and care.  The kitten is to nice and sweet to be on the street.  I can't keep the kitten because I have two cats already.  I took the kitten in my building because I didn't want it to be outside in the cold.  Please someone give this kitten a home.  Here is my phone number to contact me if someone looking for a kitten to have in they home 1(917)284-4705.

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