Haunted Happenings Gratitude

Thanks to all of the hard work of many Salem Haunted Happenings has been recognized as a Premier Tourism Attraction by the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism recognized Salem Haunted Happenings as a Premier Tourism Attraction at the annual Governor's Conference for Travel & Tourism on September 20. 

The award was given to Destination Salem, but that was in name only.  Destination Salem has been involved in the promotion and marketing of Salem Haunted Happenings since 2006, and we handled the event management in 2000 and 2001 (I have fond memories of pumpkin bowling on the Common in 2000). Prior to that, however, Salem Haunted Happenings was developed by and managed by many people, groups, and organizations.

To the people who 31 years ago decided that kids needed to feel safe and have fun on Halloween, I tip my hat. To the people who thought the celebration of Halloween could be extended to a weekend, a long weekend, two weeks, three weeks, and - well, why not?! - the entire month of October, I give great credit and thanks.  Salem Haunted Happenings makes our jobs very interesting in October. 

There must be a finite number of destination marketing professionals who can search their inbox for "Zombie" and receive dozens of responses.That is just one of the details of Destination Salem that we love.

As we prepare for the Grand Parade and the formal kick-off to another year of Salem Haunted Happenings, I extend my thanks to everyone who has extended their hours, enhanced their programming, and put their personal lives on hold in order to make Haunted Happenings a howling success.  I realize there is monetary gain to be had by working so hard in October, but that doesn't mean you aren't working a whole lot more than you're sleeping.

Thanks also to the front line staff who are answering the same questions over and over and over again.  Where is the bathroom? Is my car going to get towed? And, our favorite, "What should we do today?"  (Where do we start?!)

As we cross our fingers and hope for good weather and hearty travelers, know that Massachusetts has recognized Salem Haunted Happenings as a premier tourism attraction.  Your hard work is known, is respected, and has been rewarded.

Happy Haunted Happenings!

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Erin Cyr October 09, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Yes, I live in Salem. I own a home that is far enough away from downtown that we can escape over the Bev/Sal bridge in October, but close enough that I can walk to downtown in about 5-8 minutes. We were mindful of where we purchased our home, and so should anyone who is looking to live in Salem. There's no way that anyone could move here and not know about the traffic situation that happens in October unless they bought maybe 25 years ago. A question for you...do you live in a home without guaranteed parking? You made that choice. There is not much parking to be had in my neighborhood on October weekends because it's the first neighborhood that does not require resident stickers. We did our research before purchasing to make sure we had parking for two cars that was assured all year long. Residents who don't plan ahead should know that they will be more inconvenienced come October. It stinks you have to change the way you live for this one month, but it's not really a surprise, is it?
christine October 09, 2012 at 04:26 PM
People you can go through a red light when it is safe to do so if there is an emergency vehicle behind you they should not have to travel on the wrong side of the road! To the jerks that pull over and then try to cut the person off that is pulled over ahead of them knock it off this is one reason people don't want to pull over to the right, show some respect it could be someone you know waiting for the emergency vehicles!
Jared Robinson October 09, 2012 at 04:35 PM
These parking issues aren't new... if you moved here and didn't know that parking downtown was atrocious during Halloween, you didn't do your research. It's been atrocious for at least 25 years now. Is it the city's obligation to provide you parking? Did the house or apartment you bought provide free parking via a private lot or a leased spot? If not, they don't. As for work, there's plenty of places to park and walk in Salem. There's a $4 all day municipal lot at the MBTA lot that is frequently open (it used to be $2 and was always full, since going to $4 it's regularly open). Salem is definitely a walking city. Find a spot, park in it, expect to do a lot of walking. We shop in Salem and walk home with our things a lot. Hell, I walk from Brake and Clutch to the train station every day to work. If you lived in this city before it became an October Tourist Trap, I definitely feel sorry for you. But you've had 25 years to get the city to do something or deal with it.
Jared Robinson October 09, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I do wish the police would enforce jay walking a bit more... some people do VERY dangerous things crossing the street on Derby and Washington St during this time of the year and I'm amazed more people don't get hit.
Salem House Press January 21, 2014 at 01:26 AM
As a local, I loved the new Salem Tunnel Tour. I think it was one of <a href="http://www.salemtunneltour.com">best Salem walking tours</a>. Imagine all that history and corruption under our feet!


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