Holiday Gift Guide: Men

From the nostalgic to the practical — Salem gift ideas for the merry men in your life.

This holiday season, surprise the men in your life with something that will bring them back and launch them forward with nostalgic and practical gifts.

All items (or items similar) are conveniently located and available here in Salem. 

The Walking Dead Anthology - Has AMC got your man hooked on all the drama that is the zombie apocolypse? Introduce him to the comic book series that started it all. Creator and Executive Director Robert Kirkman keeps fans of both the show and comic on their toes by switching up storylines making the entire franchise totally unpredictable. Consider it research for next year's
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Gym Membership - Does this lack of gym membership make me look fat? The holidays are upon us full of dinner feasts and holiday cookies. Don't wait for the last minute decision to be healthy again on Jan. 1 — surprise him with a gym membership at the new Planet Fitness on Highland Avenue.
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Refurbished Game Console - For some of us, playing 'modern warfare' meant rocking Rambo on Nintendo Entertainment System. If you're looking to bring out a man's inner child (does it ever go away?) try purchasing his favorite game console from yesteryear. Game Zone sells refurbished units from Atari to NES, Sega Genesis to the original Playstation. They also have an incredible selection of retro games to choose from.
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Bike - Notice all those bike lanes sprouting up all over the city? Salem is a run, walk and bike city, as is much of the North Shore. While we prepare for another winter wallop of snow, plan ahead and invest in a brand new bike for the first hint of spring. Stay in shape and see the sights, side by side. It'll be time for summer excursions and picnics by the sea in no time. 
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Winter Boots - There's no avoiding it. Winter is coming and it's no secret that shopping for footwear ranks fairly low on the scale of importance for men. But no one likes wet socks, so why not treat the special guy in your life to something practical while eliminating one more thing off his list of things he'd rather not worry about.
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Classic LP - Relive the glory days by tracking down those classic record albums that soundtracked first dates, or help rebuild Dad's old record collection after Mom gave them away like a box of beloved action figures. Just name the decade and genre while this Salem-staple will transport you back in time to find the perfect and unique gift. Present him with a 'new' turn table on ebay or buy frames to adorn his office with. 
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Whiskey - When in doubt, there's always whiskey to warm the hearts of men everywhere. Whiskey comes in all shapes, sizes, brands and prices. While you're shopping, be sure to pick out something special to reward yourself for all of this goodwill toward your fellow men.
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