Poll: Do You Like the Historic Grasshopper's Location?

The town's well traveled grasshopper has landed inside the entrance to Town Hall. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Yesterday, we spent 10 minutes asking people who happened by or near the town what they thought of its new location at Town Hall.

The well traveled insect is a historic Swampscott weathervane on display just inside the  entrance and above the water fountains.

It's made of copper and is patina covered and sits in a nice glass case made by local craftsman Howard Vatcher and was hung by town building inspector Rich Baldacci.

Town Historian Lou Gallo suggested the location — in a recessed section of wall, in a place where many people might see it, and not far from its original home.

The weathervane originally belonged to Elihu Thomson, the famous inventor. It was mounted on his carriage house. Later, the carriage house and the main house became Swampscott Town Hall.

One day in the 1970s, the grasshopper was stolen, said Paul Sherry, a retired Swampscott police officer. Later it was recovered in an antique shop in Vermont and placed in the evidence room at the Swampscott Police Station.

The hopper recently got sprung from the evidence room and landed at the Town Hall after Howard made the glass case. (Word has it that Howard is working on another grasshopper related item.)

Next time you are in Town Hall and getting a drink of water from the fountain look up and you will see the big-eyed grasshopper above you.

Results of informal survey:

Rich Baldacci, who hung the glass case above the fountains, likes the location.

He said he had heard comments from four people so far. Two people like the location; and two people do not like it.

Those who do not, said they would prefer to see it in another less central location because of its weathered look with the patina — the greenish color that arises over time due to oxidation.

The people we asked about the location all said they liked the hopper and its resting place.

Linda Paster likes the location. The hopper is quirky and inspires conversation where it is, she said.

Gino Cresta said he loves it there.

Alan Hezekiah thinks it's pretty.

Sylvia Belkin said she likes the spot, not far from where it was, originally.

Walter Herbert said he likes the spot and the hopper. It shows respect for history and is a piece of nostalgia. 


What do you think? Leave any comments at the bottom of the story and submit them for us to see. 

Elise Scanlan August 16, 2012 at 09:57 PM
I was fortunate enough to witness the process of Howard building the new home for the grasshopper. Before he mounted it I got a great picture of the hopper resting in Howard and Teresa's yard. Check out the photos above.


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