How it Works: Salem's EV Charging Stations

Voltrek co-owner Kathleen Rosen demonstrates exactly how Salem's new electric vehicle charging stations work.

The city of Salem recently installed eight electric vehicle charging stations in the Museum Place and South Harbor parking garages.

On Wednesday, Voltrek co-owner Kathleen Rosen was nice enough to offer a quick demonstration of exactly how these electric charging stations work.

Before hooking up, motorists have to first wave a charge pass in front of the station. If you don't have one, Rosen said you can call a phone number on the unit and the company can remotely unlock it and mail you a card.

Electric cars plug in via a standard 18-foot cable attached to the unit and can fully charge in about five hours.

All electric vehicles must be powered off when charging, a safety measure Rose said is aimed at preventing motorists from accidentally driving off while still plugged in.

So, if you're one of the environmentally-friendly city residents driving an electric vehicle through Salem, you now know what to expect if you decide to try out one of these new stations.

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