GoFundMe Thursday: A Van for Dominick Pacheco

In this season of giving, we're spotlighting local online fundraising efforts.

Dominick Pacheco, of Salem.
Dominick Pacheco, of Salem.
Due to birth trauma, Salem resident Dominick Pacheco requires constant and intensive medical care, which keeps him confined to a wheelchair.

He is non-verbal, non-ambulatory and cannot sit, stand, or swallow food. Despite all of this, Dominick has a warm and loving spirit. He is full of innocence and a youthful energy that fills our home with hope and love.

Dominick's family's dream of a handicapped accessible van (approximately $50,000 used, $65,000 new) has been financially out of their reach for years, but both for his safety and quality of life, they have turned to our community for help.

This past spring, we entered a national contest for Mobility Awareness Month to win a handicapped van. Our community supported us with over 20,000 votes, and while we came in towards the top, we did not win. If each person who voted had donated just $2.50, Dominick would have his wheels!

So, consider chipping in to help out this holiday season.

To donate, visit Dominick's GoFundMe page


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