What's Your Favorite Hot Beverage Contest Has a Winner

Congratulations to lucky number 5 Becky Muller, who has won a gift certificate to Gulu-Gulu Cafe.

Salem Hot Beverage fanatics, we have a winner.

Using the same handy dandy random number generator that we used for the , we've randomly selected a winner for our Contest.

Congratulations to Becky Muller, lucky number 5, who has won a $10 gift certificate to the .

What's Becky's favorite hot beverage?

The Creme Brulee Latte (mmm, sounds good to us). 

"It's so unique and has such a splendid taste," Becky writes. "I can't get enough of it!"

What other drinks and coffee shops were favorites among readers? 

In addition to Gulu, hot beverage locations of choice included , , , , , , , and .

There are so many great locations to choose from. Where will you be headed today?


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