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Short Order

also came highly recommended when I first moved here. With typical diner offerings like ham omelettes, platters of bacon and eggs and syrup-soaked french toast, I could see why. The service is fast and the staff knows the menu inside and out. There may always be a line outside on the weekends, but I think it's just to scare away the tourists.

Kitchen Upgrades

On the weekends I like to make breakfast at home. My kitchen is stocked with quirky but very useful kitchen tools from . They have individual egg poachers, egg slicers, and some delicious baked good mixes. I also fall in love with a new colorful and funky apron every time I step into their store!

Mmm Breakfast

Can you think of anything better than a breakfast sausage inside a pancake? Neither can I! That's why I was so excited to drive by and see a poster in the window exclaiming that the new Breakfast Bites had arrived. Is it the healthiest breakfast option out there? No, but i bet they are delicious and I plan to find out for sure.

My Maria

Now that I've started thinking about breakfast, I can't stop. As I sit writing this article, I'm dreaming of a grilled cheese breakfast sandwich with tomato and bacon. Their hash omelette and Greek omelette are also favorites among the crew I go to Maria's with. I love bringing out-of-town guests here for breakfast — it's a winner.

I Eat Like a King

If I feel like a grab-and-go bakery item or a loaf of bread for making raspberry and cream stuffed french toast, I hit up . This place was recommended to me before I even moved to Salem. I love stopping in for an apricot scone or a piece of chocolate pecan bread pudding. Their homemade granola is also divine.

Go Big

Ah , the morning coffee staple. While I do enjoy their vanilla lattes, hot caramel apple cider, and selection of teas, I really love their breakfast choices. They have many different breakfast sandwiches to choose from as well as the beloved apple fritter. You also have to give them points for serving oatmeal with a variety of toppings. My personal favorite is the oatmeal with dried fruit.


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