Salem So Sweet: Ice Sculptures in the Snow [VIDEO]

The falling snow added a bit of life to ice sculptures installed across the city Saturday morning.

The more than a dozen ice sculptures that were displayed across downtown Salem over the weekend came in all shapes and sizes and were brought to life by snow flurries.

Though the falling snow made the task of piecing together the frozen works of art a little harder for the crew members we drove around with Saturday morning, the flakes speeding by definitely made them stand out on video.

Using water, snow, slush and a little dry ice - workers delicately pieced the sculptures together and drew a small crowd of local residents everywhere they went.

It was all part of the 11th annual Salem So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival, an event put on by Salem Mainstreets and the Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Check out the video attached to this post for a closer look at some of this year's ice sculptures.

Click Here to view a 60-second time-lapse video of the Pickering Wharf frozen tall ship being assembled.

Do you have photos or videos from the festival? Share them with your neighbors here, just click the upload button above.


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