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Salem Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at what our readers had to say this week.

Salem Package Thief Caught on Video

Lisa Dollof She just... walked right up... and took it. Like everything was cool? I can't wait until that rotten waste is caught.

Enza Cicero-Lilley OH WOW...she walked up without even blinking!! She acted like it was an every day thing!

Patricia Reed I was thinking the tape was very clear, much better than most security tapes I have seen, she should hopefully be identified soon.

Jack Carver Saw it on the news last night and this morning, I would Check the footage for the cars going by before she gets on the porch, She must have been watching it for a while then drove by in her car. Im thinking the Mack park side of mason after National lumber

Marta Stasio I live on Mason street and have had numerous items stolen from my mailbox including my passport and my house being broken into.. I have all my packages sent to my parents house now .. My Sunday paper gets stolen about once a month. I am so sick of it.

Roberta Conners I live on Essex st in Salem near the common and I saw that woman on my street going through trash this past fall, she seems to regularly look through people's things, she had a person driving a van and she was the passenger, they spoke Spanish. I remember her because che didnt look like a regular trash picker. It's sad to say but be careful what you leave outside your house!

Maggi Smith-Dalton I trust the birdcage was large enough for her to inhabit when they catch her! That woman just... I can't believe how matter-of-fact she was. Yikes. This is why we have always since day one had all our packages and mail delivered to our business address. Never had to worry.

Leonard Nicodemo I had a package (a textbook) stolen off my porch last fall. Bummer. Can't imagine the thief was too excited when they opened it.

Bryan Karsis One package mishap several years ago was enough for me, and now I have all packages shipped to my work address.

Christopher Jalbert I have always had things shipped to my work address. For this exact reason. I'm never home to receive a package, and I don't want it laying around on my front stairs. I also live in a 3 floor multifamily house with college kids downstairs. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.

Northshore123 Last summer I found a package for my neighbor, ripped open and then tossed into my bushes. Apparently the thief was unhappy with the boring contents inside. I agree, anything of value I have shipped to work.

Simon Vaughn Markham I wish somebody would ATTEMPT to steal a package from my porch. My german shepherd would have taught this woman a lesson about stealing things from people's properties.

Salem Welcomes First Baby of 2013

Thomas Stirling Congratulations to the parents!

Jared Robinson Too much of a "buddy system" in our local government.

Jes This procedure for selecting a replacement does not make sense and needs to be changed. Sitting there for 5+ hours when you know no one will budge is plain crazy. They talk about elections costing money/time, well what was this?? When Joe O'Keefe said that he went through this in 1973 and it went to 70+ rounds of voting, I knew it was not a good sign. As Sinead said, after so many votes with no agreement, some kind of compromise needs to be made. I really think it needs to be brought to the voters, somehow, because this seat belongs to the city (how they all got there) and not to the insiders who will not budge. This is deplorable and not very encouraging to those with new ideas and insights who may be considering to run for office some day. This old school system needs some changing; let the constituents speak!

Gayle Sullivan Anyone should be able to see that 10 white men on the council is not fair representation of the city. If the deadlock can't be overcome, it is only right that a new woman or minority member of the Salem community should be appointed to the city council. Someone please offer a compromise...

Northshore123 If the council can't agree, then bring it to the people. I'd rather vote than watch another painful meeting like the one last night. Let the city decide. Just like I've decided to change my vote next election for my ward councilor. Giving a vacant seat to someone who lost his last election is a bad idea.

Salem's 2013 Christmas Tree Bonfire

Bob Talk about going green. What a joke. It takes 7 yrs to grow a fine looking tree only to be cut down for a profit and then more money is made selling them and then used for a few days and then burned or thrown on the sidewalk. I remember President Johnson once said" We will plant a bush, a shrub, and a tree, to beautify America".

Donna Albino Raising trees can be environmentally sound, and good business. Buying a real tree, especially one you can replant in the spring, is certainly a more green option than an artificial tree. But of course, the best option is not to buy a tree in the first place.

Russ Would these trees have been planted in the first place if they weren't going to be harvested and sold? It does seem to at least be carbon neutral when they are burned. And there is an economic gain and some pleasure received in the middle. Seems like a good deal all around to me. Unless of course you happen to be a tree :)

Diane H thanks for being a voice of reason in all this nonsense!

Brian The trees that are not burned,end up being chipped at lower gallows hill

Mike Blatty Why this fascination with big fires? This story and video clips are some pyromaniac's delight!

Mike Blatty Burn, Baby, Burn! :)

Salem Man Charged Trafficking Cocaine

Bob Becket St is becoming a drugstore. We all need to get better patrols. I can't remember when the police last rode down the street. Cars parked illegally and drugs. It used to be a nice quiet Polish Nieghborhood. Just Saying.

Roberta Conners It's nice to see the police doing their job! There has been many cars that have been broken into in that area as well, lets keep the riff raff out!


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Erin January 07, 2013 at 04:13 PM
Amusing comments! Slow day when one comments on comments, though, isn't it? ;-)


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