Salem Patch Comments of the Week

Here are some of the top comments from the week.

Here are some of our top reader comments from the past week.

"I think Salem's like a Bengal Tiger. Strong and dangerous yet playful and loveable....because for us that have lived there for over 30yrs i have seen many changes good and bad.." ~ Ellen Kozik 

"Salem is a chameleon. It adapts itself into what its citizens need while still being special. It keeps one eye on the past and one on the future, but those eyes can work independently or together." ~ Erin Cyr

"Salem is an "Anteater." They can't catch "renters" the flying ants but gobble up the mound ants in their homes. "The property tax, paying residents!" ~ Carolyn Costain

"I live downtown and the parking is worse than it's ever been. I have a parking pass for south harbor garage and its always full because of the $.25 an hour garage fee and I can't find a place on the street at all times of the day the parking plan is a complete disaster." ~ Dan Faust

"I have been on Washington St. on Friday night when the bars empty out,just to see what is going on. It is very scary to see three police man dispersing a crowd of 52 (I counted them) waiting to fight people. I say again, zero tolerance is the way to go. If a patron is arrested for fighting he might be facing a couple of days in jail and the bar license be suspended. Hey, just put me on the license board and see how fast things shape up. I would be done there and have on the spot justice and a tough hearing at the next meeting. The police do their job, now its time for the citizens to back them up. Enough is enough." ~ Ed Carroll

"Quality of life in Salem has been under a violent attack for a while now." ~ A.



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