5 Things You Need to Know Today: Feb. 7

Our daily digest of facts to keep you in-the-know on everything Salem.

Welcome to 5 Things You Need to Know Today, your place for useful facts. We'll provide this early morning digest each weekday to keep Salemites and Salem Patch users in-the-know.

  1. We got lots of feedback on Nelson Dionne's vintage photo yesterday. If you haven't seen it yet, . See if you remember this Salem street as it once was.
  2. Did you know we now have the oldest active in the country? For quite awhile, the city hall in St. Agustine held the title, but that has recently changed, Councilor-at-Large Tom Furey said at yesterday's school committee meeting. "It's something to celebrate," he said, adding that he hopes the new designation can be recognized.
  3. Okay, how cool is the attached photo "Experimental (Fake) Ghost Photography" from reader Thomas Stirling? Stirling submitted the photo, which showcases some of his in downtown Salem, to our neighborhood gallery. Add your own photos to our neighborhood gallery here
  4. The School Committee is meeting in while the are renovated. With all the tough work before the school committee as they tackle Bentley's Level 4 status, Councilor-at-Large Tom Furey offered members a sweet snack. School Committee member Dr. Crane member, who was sitting at his desk, took a look and said: "It's a perfect penny candy store."
  5. Glass Onion will perform the Beatles' Rubber Soul at the on Saturday. Since we love the Beatles here at Salem Patch, we wanted to mention it. Check out more here.


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