5 Things to Start the Day: April 3

Some tidbits to start the day.


  1. Wondering what was up with the snow ban lights flashing all day yesterday? Well, the lights were flashing in recognition of the fact that yesterday was Autism Awareness Day, and this is Autism Awareness month. 
  2. Speaking of autism awareness, we would like to thank our newest blogger Rick Johnson. Check out Rick's first post on
  3. Congratulations to Contributor William Legault. He is officially the assistant coach of the Girls Track Team. We swear, this guy does everything.
  4. Thank you Nelson Dionne. We had a fabulous time meeting with Nelson yesterday, learning some great stories from Salem's history and learning about why Nelson loves Salem so much. Be sure to check back for great great pieces of history and more on Nelson soon.
  5. Word on the street is some visitors got a little surprise when they were on Hawthorne Boulevard on April Fools Day. We hear someone glued quarters to the sidewalk, and when visitors tried to pick them up, an April Fools sign appeared in a nearby window. Great trick!


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