5 Things Harry Potter (and Crew) Would Do in Salem

In honor of the end of the Harry Potter series, here's our travel itinerary for Harry and friends.

You have to admit, Salem is pretty magical (why do you think we all live here?)

No matter how you feel about the magic (and money) that's being made on the big screen and box office this weekend with Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part II, we though it would be fun to bid adieu to Harry Potter, Voldemort, Snape and even good old Neville Longbottom with some thoughts on what the whole crew would do if they visited Salem.

Here are 5 Things Harry Potter (and Crew) Would Do if They Visited Salem.

  • Take an owl for a fly at one of our parks — Here in Salem, we . They walk the streets, and . We also have plenty of options for our owl-loving friends. or would be perfect places with plenty of perching spots for Hedwig, Pigwidgeon or any other feathered pet to spread their wings.


  • Have a (Butter)beer or two — There might have to be a little wrangling with the Muggle taps at one of Salem's fine drinking establishments to bring in Harry and friends' favorite brew, Butterbeer. Despite the hassle to offer this butterscotch-flavored delicacy, we have a hunch , or might have atmospheres that are perfect unwinding spots for our guests. We think these places already rival the Leaky Cauldron.


  • Enjoy a Round of Skee Ball — We don't have the equipment our wizarding friends would need for a game of Quidditch here in Salem, but we still think Harry and the crew would enjoy a trip to the to satisfy their competitive sides. After a game of skee ball (no bewitching the balls or machines for extra tickets is permitted), Harry, Ron and Hermione would try some of our delicious summer dining options. We think they'd opt for sandwiches before sampling some of delicious popcorn or ice cream flavors. Hobbs' may not have as many flavors as Bernie Botts' beans, but we still think Frozen Pudding ice cream or vanilla popcorn would do the trick.


  • Do some shopping on the pedestrian mall — This one is a no-brainer. With a variety of shops dedicated to the needs and desires of all different kinds of witches and wizards, we think Harry and friends would enjoy a stroll on the . They would find some merchandise from their own magical world and get to know how Salemites practice and honor magic in the real one.


  • Attend a City Council meeting — No, we don't have a Ministry of Magic building, but we think our (which was ) is pretty awesome. We think Ron, Molly and Arthur Weasley would enjoy a trip to the City Hall chambers to see how we do business. Our forefathers and former mayors may not move in their paintings, but we think our historic City Hall is pretty magical.

What do you think Harry Potter and friends would do if they came to Salem?


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