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Salem Real Estate Agent
Salem Real Estate Agent

BestAgentToday.com has helped many people in the Salem area. You’ve heard us say this before, ‘we’re real people’.   We have also been in the situation of selling a home.  There were lots of questions we needed answered. When should we put our house on the market? How much could we get for it? Which were the best neighborhoods to move to?  What about the school systems, etc. etc? A seemingly endless list.  Then came the question of WHO should we hire to sell our home.  We discovered there really wasn’t a good way to find out just who the best agents were.  We spent hours trying to locate agent information, and then hours more trying to figure out what it all meant.  Of course, this just added to the stress that went along with everything else.

Realizing that we were having a hard time putting our hands on good information, we started learning the best ways to do it, and found out which parts of the data were really important.  The first thing we learned is that all agents, good or otherwise, were going to charge us the exact same amount to do the job.  Obviously then, our choice would be to hire the very best one. But who?  We boiled all of the information down and made ourselves a very short list of the agents we might hire.  At that point, since we already knew that each of them were top producers, we could limit our decision making process to choosing the one we felt the most comfortable with.

Guess what?  After we hired the right agent for us, all of our questions were answered!  She knew when to put our house on the market, how much we should expect to sell it for, and a whole host of other answers just fell into place.

After we sold our house, we felt sure that we could help other people in the same situation.  So we made the BestAgentToday.com website, and the rest is history.  We became what is essentially a research organization (which is why we call ourselves a ‘research organization’ – we’re very clever that way).  We’re independent, so we don’t play favorites with any brokerage companies.  And that leaves us free to be consumer oriented.  We’re not here to help realtors, we’re here to help property owners!  There’s a big difference.

In case you are wondering, in order to fund our ongoing research, we do charge realtors a referral fee.  We like doing research, but we need to eat too!  The good news is that it doesn’t add any costs to you, and you are not obligated to use any agent that we recommend.  Naturally we hope that you do use one so that we can continue to make recommendations to others (and so we can also continue to eat).

For more information, call us at (978)-701-3801 or visit our site.

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