The Trustees of Reservations is pleased to announce the launch of a new Dairy Share Program at Appleton Farms, located at 219 County Road, Ipswich, MA. For the first time since Appleton Farms began milking cows at the farm over ten years ago, the public will be able to purchase a Full or Half Dairy Share with Appleton Farms’very own farmstead cheese, yogurt, and milk.

The Dairy Share program starts the week of December 16 and last for 13 weeks (through March 16, 2014). Shares are available for purchase and pickup at the farm Monday –Friday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4pm.

“My family is hooked on the farm’s milk and cheese, and we love the yogurt too!” commented a dairy store patron.” We always look forward to driving down the dirt road for our farm experience. Some days it’s a quick in and out of the dairy store, other days we visit with cows, chat with a farmer, or enjoy our cheeses on the spot! We love the idea of supporting our local farmer and joining the dairy share program. We can’t wait to make Appleton Farms a regular part of our lives!”

Full Dairy Share includes two ½ gallons of milk (choice of skim, 1%, and whole), one ¼ lb. wedge of artisan cheese (your choice from seasonal selections) and one quart whole milk yogurt. The cost for 13 weeks is $210.00 for Trustees of Reservations members, $230.00 for nonmembers.

Half Dairy Share includes one ½ gallon of milk (choice of skim, 1%, and whole), one ¼ lb. wedge of artisan cheese (choice from seasonal selections) and one pint whole milk yogurt. The cost for 13 weeks is $135.00 for Trustees of Reservations members, $150.00 for nonmembers.

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Dairy Share

1. It’s Local Just off Route 1A in Ipswich, Appleton Farms is one of only a handful of local direct market dairies in Massachusetts. The dairy products are made in the farm’s creamery, just steps from the dairy barn where the Jersey cows are milked.

2. It’s Healthy Appleton Farms’ dairy products are made by good people with good milk from good cows raised and grazed on good land. All of Appleton Farms’ fields and pastures are managed organically, and their cows’ diet is more than 80% grass-based.

3. It’s easy Members purchase their share up front for below-retail value. You can leave your wallet at home while you enjoy one-stop dairy “shopping” any day of the week.

4. You’ll Save All shares are priced below retail value, and Trustees of Reservations members enjoy an additional 10% discount.

5. You’ll Learn Throughout the season, Appleton Farms will invite members to meet the cows, share dairy recipes, and more!

Dairy farming at Appleton Farms is a 375-days-a-year commitment. Eating local can also be a 375-days-a-year commitment. Make your local Farm to Fridge pledge by purchasing a Dairy Share today! To learn more about the Appleton Farms’ dairy and to purchase a share, visit online www.thetrustees.org/dairyshare, call the farm at 978.356.5728, or stop by the dairy store Monday– Friday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm.

Appleton Farmsconsists of a 1,000-acre pastoral landscape encompassing rolling grasslands, grazing livestock, stone walls, extensive forests and historic farm buildings just a mere 25 miles north of Boston. Founded in 1636 by Samuel Appleton and farmed by nine successive generations of Appletons, Appleton Farms is the oldest continuously operating farm in America. Over the last 14 years of ownership, the Trustees have restored much of the farms’ centuries-old infrastructure and developed a suite of sustainable agricultural enterprises, including successful grass-based beef and dairy operations, a 550-share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and a farm store that sells the farm’s own beef, cheese, milk, and yogurt products. The Trustees offer hundreds of seasonal programs, workshops, and events year-round, drawing people of all ages to the farm for hands-on learning opportunities.

The Trustees of Reservations were founded in 1891 by Charles Eliot with the mission to “hold in trust” and care for properties, or“reservations,” of scenic, cultural, and natural significance around the state for public use and enjoyment. Supported by more than 100,000 members as well as generous donors and thousands of volunteers, The Trustees own and manage 111 spectacular reservations – including working farms, historic homesteads and gardens, community parks, barrier beaches and mountain vistas – located in 75 towns on more than 26,000 acres throughout the Commonwealth. An established leader in the conservation and preservation movement and model for other land trusts nationally and internationally, The Trustees also work closely with permanent affiliates including Boston Natural Areas Network and the Hilltown Land Trust as well as hundreds of community partners to engage Massachusetts residents and beyond in their programs, properties and overall mission. To find out more, please visit www.thetrustees.org.



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