What is The Tiny Tub?

For Salemite Karen Del Greco, it's all about the dogs.

The space at 2-4 North Street has followed Karen Del Greco throughout her career.

When she worked as a paralegal in Salem, she would go to the constable/fax and copy store that was there for A4 sized paper.

Now, after a career that has involved lots of paper (she's worked in an attorney's office, with hospital records and even at the medical examiner's office), Del Greco is back in the space on North Street, but this time, it's all about dogs.

"It's so funny, I can't believe I ended up back here," she said of the space on North Street, which now houses , her holistic dog grooming business that opened in January.

Del Greco said she didn't have dogs as a child, but two Pomeranians came into her life as an adult through a friend, and she fell in love.

She now has her own Pomeranian she adopted in Gloucester. Del Greco described him as "a little fluff ball who loves the mud and the woods."

With her love of dogs, Del Greco pursued certification at the Massachusetts Academy of Canine Cosmetology in Newburyport, and she hopes to make the grooming process as low stress as possible for her furry clients.

"I use Reiki, aromatherapy and massage during the grooming process to keep them calm," Del Greco explained.

She also said she tunes in to each dog — what works for one canine may not be the right method for another.

"I'm not going to stress a dog out [to complete a grooming]," she explained.  And though calming down can be "a process for some dogs," Del Greco said it's a process to which she is dedicated.

From her trips to 2-4 North Street for paper to returning to the space to pursue her passion for dogs. Del Greco said she is excited to give back to the canines that have given her so much in a city she calls "a wonderful, wonderful place for dogs."

"It's been like a karmic adventure for me," Del Greco said. "I wanted to do something for dogs…I knew I had something I had to give to them, but I had no idea what they would give me."

"It's just so amazing what a common denominator dogs are among people. They break down all barriers and equalize everything."

For more on The Tiny Tub, be sure to visit the business Facebook page.

Cwheels March 18, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Expect a visit from a very odd Maltese.
MACC March 19, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Congratulations Karen we are so proud of you...there are some very lucky dogs in Salem!!!!


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