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What is Social Palates?

New company aims to help businesses interact with the community, enliven local economy.

One Salem man has combined his business expertise with his love of Salem and all things media into a new business — Social Palates. 

John Andrews, formerly the head chef and general manager at , now calls himself a "PR handyman," and he's taken on his new job with a love for business and the community.

"What I'm trying to do is really shed a spotlight on Salem, which in turn is benefitting my clients," he said. "I have a customer perspective and I also have a back of the house perspective…I can look at it from both sides of the fence."

And that perspective, according to Andrews, shifts depending on the client. 

"Each client has a very specific set of needs," he explained. "Every client is different." 

And though needs may range from creating a more "visceral" experience with photos, connecting with customers by highlighting them on Facebook or even managing press so that business events and announcements are getting the most exposure with the local media (like Patch), Andrews said he's also wiling to serve as an advocate for businesses at organizations like the .

With business owners and managers so worried about taking care of what's inside the four walls of their businesses, Andrews said he's able to "manage everything outside those four walls," to give businesses "more time to do things right."

While helping restaurants and shops with their online health and relationships with the community, Andrews said he's also very aware of what's going on in Salem as a whole. With this awareness, Andrews hopes to help his clients, and by helping clients, Andrews hopes it makes for a better tomorrow for his city.

"Last year, people started looking at Salem. This year, they've been paying attention. Next year will be the greatest we've had," he said. We've got to get ready now."

For more on three of Andrews latest projects, check out the Session here, the Sky Party here and Scary Mary .

For more information on Social Palates, check out the business Facebook page.

Also be sure to check out tons of great photos from John Andrews (and add your own) to our pics and clips section.

John Andrews July 19, 2012 at 03:13 PM
AWWW what a great article and I am humbled! I believe in Salem and what an amazing city this is! The growth I have seen in my time here(I am a resident) is nothing short of amazing! You can feel the buzz and see the increase in foot traffic and unforgettable events! I would just like to thank a few people that have made this possible and are on the forefront of making this town THE premier destination in the North Shore; Creative Salem(Kevin, Darek and Diane) for enabling and supporting the creative economy in Salem, George from Finz Seafood and Grill for being my very first client, Diane Wolf from The Lobster Shanty for always believing in me. Rinus from The Salem Chamber for convincing me to stay in Salem and welcoming me into the Chamber community. Callie Lewis, Aaron Katz(The Dejas) and William Legault(Bald Bill) for introducing me and making me fall in love with the community programs in town from the Boys and Girls Club to the Salem YMCA and one really near and dear to my heart the Salem Children's Charity(Mark Higgins and The Walshes) And most importantly thank you to the Salem community for being some of the best, most wonderful and creative citizens I have ever had the privilege to live beside! OK Oscar speech done now...Just want to make sure you know I appreciate all of you P.S. Salem Patch has been a vital and valuable tool for me and I appreciate everything the editor and contributors do immensely!!
John Andrews June 17, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Bradley, i apologize if I took your photo and did not realize it. If it is posted anywhere please let me know and I will remove it ASAP! And just to clarify, I do not charge or use the photos I take in public settings for commercial gain. All of the events that I have covered(Without being hired) I share the photos into the public domain for people to do with them as they wish. I am really just trying to reflect how great I think this city is and so far it has been the best way I have found out how. I respect everyone's privacy and I am sorry you feel as though I hadn't respected yours. I am not sure why the fact that my camera is rented is such a big deal to everyone, I pay a lot of money to rent that camera as I got really sick and my old one broke and my medical bills have been my priority. You don't know me Bradley and I don't know you but I think a little more respect would go very far on both sides of the fence. II will do my best.


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