What is Re-find Men's?

Shelley Matthews opens her second Salem store in less than a year.

There has been lots of activity on the portion of Essex Street between the and Town House Square, and we've been fielding your questions.

At 244 Essex St., a vacancy was left when moved out to its new location at 7 Central St. But the space, located between Hex and , wasn't left empty for long.

Re-find Men's has moved in. The name might sound familiar, being as the store has a sister store around the corner. So what's the deal with the new addition to this stretch of Essex Street?

In this edition of You Ask…Patch Answers, we're taking a look at  Re-find Men's.

This is what we found:

On Friday, Feb. 10, Re-find Men's opened its doors to the public.

The shop, owned by Shelley Matthews, who also owns , located at 72 Washington St., is dedicated to men's fashion.

Matthews describes her selection as "classic style with a little something different."

When choosing her merchandise for men, Matthews said she does the same thing that she does at Re-find, which offers women's fashions.

"I always have in mind five or six women I know with different styles," she said.

With the same vision of picturing men she knows in the new and used clothing she hand selects for her latest store, Matthews is confident she has a selection that will appeal to any man — from the steampunk, to a dad or even a guy who works at a tattoo shop.

She also has her son and her husband when it comes to keeping a style in mind for the men in her life.

Beyond clothing and style, Matthews said her husband has played a big part in her whirlwind journey of opening two Salem shops in less than a year. Before she made the leap and opened her first store last year, Matthews said her husband helped her make the decision to take her selling talents and the skills gained during her career to fulfill her vision and dream, a decision that at times she said was "scary."

"I love resale," she said, adding that "I've done it all when it comes to selling."

"He told me it's now or never," Matthews said.

In March 2011, Re-find opened. Though the Re-find Men's vision has been in the works since September or October of 2011, the vacancy of the space at 244 Essex St. and grand opening of the store happened quickly.

The mother of two said the opening, which she pulled together in just four weeks, was "such a collaboration with my husband."

"He's a handyman, she said. He did the build-outs [in the store]." The rooms were here, but he did everything." Everything even includes the finishing touches like a vintage inspired decor and burned wood counter.

Before starting their resale journey in Salem, Matthews said her husband told her they could do anything if they worked together.

"He said I can make anything, and you can sell anything," she said. They already have made Matthews' dream come true — twice in one year.

For more on Re-Find Men's, including information on making an appointment for buying, visit the business Facebook page.


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