Village Tavern Aims to Satisfy Variety of Tastes

The new Salem restaurant, which also has a full liquor license, will open soon.

Arthur Ingemi and his team are building a village where residents and visitors of any and all tastes can find food, drink and an atmosphere that hits the spot.

The Village Tavern Grill & Oyster Bar is putting finishing touches on its restaurant, which is slated to open in the space on the pedestrian mall where was previously located.

Ingemi said he's just waiting for the "final sign-offs" from the city before he opens.

The Village's owner has previous restaurant ownership experience in Salem, and he's also brought three full time managers on board as he prepares to offer a multifaceted experience that Ingemi says will have an emphasis on value and be "very, very comfortable" for all patrons.

"This is Salem. We're the Village,"  Ingemi explained. "But the Village is more than the tavern."

In addition to the tavern portion of the restaurant, a cozy seating area with booths, an oyster/raw bar and outdoor seating will be a part of "the Village experience," according to Ingemi.

"We'll have great lunch, great dinners and we're hoping for a great crowd with nighttime entertainment," said General Manager Brian Cray. Entertainment could include a DJ, band or sports entertainment on the restaurant's 12 televisions depending on the night, according to the Village family.

In addition to the lunch, dinner and an appetizer selection, Ingemi said he is particularly excited to bring residents steak, brisket and BBQ which will include a signature rib rub and will feature a "colossal wing."

Describing it as an "art" which requires the right equipment and time to allow flavors to infuse the meat, Ingemi said he believes his guests will be impressed.

"I'm not sure Salem has ever seen BBQ quite like this," he said.

To top it all off, the restaurant has a full liquor license and will feature 14 domestic and micro brew beers.

And, as for anyone who might have any concerns about the parking situation, Ingemi said he thinks the parking situation is actually a major plus.

"I believe we have the best parking in Salem," he said, referring to the parking garage at . And, Ingemi said, visitors will almost always be able to park free of charge since the restaurant will be validating parking for most of the year.

Cray said he hopes guests will appreciate the Village family's "attention to detail."

"We're hoping to be a destination restaurant," Ingemi added.

We'll let you know as soon as the restaurant opens. For more information and to inquire about open positions, visit the business website here or the Facebook page here.

Tommy Leon August 23, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Will there be nights when there is no entertainment? Nothing ruins a meal faster than an over-amped band or over-zealous DJ who makes it impossible to carry on a conversation with your dining companion(s). Many otherwise laudable restaurants in town make this mistake.
Polly k. rose August 23, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Good write up, can't wait to see u and taste all that great food....one of each....!!!!!
Arthur Ingemi August 30, 2012 at 12:38 PM
I believe in that same concept of hiring the best people; we have assembled a great management team starting with Brian Cray, (Former GM and Managing Partner of the Outback Steakhouse) who has also bringing on one of his former assistant managers with years of experience. Additionally, my Son Alex Ingemi graduate of Mount Ida Collage, and my oldest son Andrew Ingemi (who will be finishing his Master's Degree at Harvard in Dec of '12 will complete the management team. This week they are finishing up the hiring of over 60 very experienced servers, bartenders, and kitchen personnel. The local condo owners will be VERY taken care of, and looking forward to meeting every one of them!
Arthur Ingemi August 30, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Having owned several restaurants for over a 30 year period most with some sort of entertainment; we have learned to blend the music on an hour by hour bases. Although the music may start at 9:30 PM it will be fairly subdued until about 10:30 PM by then, all dinner patrons will have most likely have already left. After 10:30 or so those looking for late night appetizers, entertainment and more will have that available. The music itself will be generic enough to appeal to most ages from 25 to 45 and older, we will not be catering to any special interest groups like, heavy metal, metallic, nor will it be a piano bar! The unique part of the 'Village' is that the Oyster Bar is located behind the small stage and has some nice quite nooks and crannies for those wishing to enjoy conversation should your dining experience continue past 10:30 PM. Look to see you soon Tommy and thank you for your comments.
Arthur Ingemi August 30, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Hi Polly, I'll trade you some great wings for a couple of squares of your spinach pie!


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