Stolen Leslie's Retreat Bunny Returns Home

Tasha was returned to her cage Wednesday afternoon, according to her family.

Tasha, the bunny that was behind  earlier this week, was returned to her family Wednesday afternoon. 

Mary Woodcock of Leslie's Retreat reported the family's lionhead rabbit, Tasha, was stolen from the patio area behind the restaurant Monday night. Late Wednesday afternoon, she was returned.

Woodcock said a woman read our Salem Patch article Wednesday morning and realized that a rabbit her child recently brought home was actually Tasha. 

The Leslie's Retreat family said they are "grateful to the parent for making a wrong into a right and holding their child accountable."

Woodcock said the child also offered to fix Tasha's hutch, which was damaged. 

Woodcock said her mother, Claire Chalifour was "overjoyed" to have her rabbit returned. Tasha was gifted to Chalifour from her granddaughter two years ago.

"We anticipate that Tasha will be back in her hutch in a matter of a day," Woodcock said. "Currently she is safely tucked away in a temporary shelter at Leslie's Retreat, no worse for the wear."

Woodcock said her mother "would like to thank everyone for their concern and support."

To read more about the Leslie's Retreat bunnies, check out this story:


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