Salem Medical Marijuana Dispensary Given the Green Light by State Officials

Alternative Therapies, which will be in Salem, was one of 11 dispensaries recently given provisional certificates.

MA Department of Public Health.
MA Department of Public Health.

The Department of Public Health announced Friday that it has given provisional certificates to 11 medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, cutting 9 of the 20 applicants that were originally approved, the Boston Globe reported.

One of the dispensaries given the go-ahead by state officials to move onto the next stage in planning will be located in Salem. According to Salem News, the nonprofit dispensary Alternative Therapies plans to open a dispensary on Grove Street by early next year.  

The 9 applicants that were eliminated failed to pass the verification phase after state officials reviewed their records and plans, Salem News said. These companies will have the opportunity to reapply next year.

Salem News reported now that Alternative Therapies has been approved to continue their plans, their next step is to pass the inspection phase. At this point, state officials will focus on the capability of each company to grow and sell their products.

In 2012, a law was passed allowing up to 35 dispensaries in Massachusetts to sell marijuana to patients suffering from certain conditions. Thus far, no dispensaries have been licensed, however.


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